Some Challenges Today With Recognising Details Of Bodybuilding

Men who work out generally have less than 20 per cent body fat. At the advice of his Chinese medicine practitioner, he began reducing his intake of animal products, and consuming more soy. His body fat plummeted, but so did his muscle mass. “Information on healthy vegan diets just wasn’t that widely available in Hong Kong,” says Chui, who now feasts on a variety of whole grains, nuts and legumes to ensure he gets all the muscle-building nutrients he needs. ‘Muscles are genderless’: how bodybuilding has helped shape this Hongkonger’s fluid identity Having been fully vegan for three years, Chui’s eczema and allergies have completely vanished, and he says he feels stronger and more energised than ever, requiring just six hours of sleep to recover from an intense workout. Over the course of his vegan Strength Training For Triathletes bodybuilding journey, the strapping personal trainer also developed a soft spot for animals: “I believe humans are inherently compassionate. Why should our compassion be limited to each other?” And compassion was not the only attribute Chui rediscovered. Through bodybuilding, he also found what he calls “the right path”. Chui admits he never knew how to live with purpose until he began the sport. “Initially, I was inspired by Nick Cheung Ka-fai’s physique in the movie Unbeatable, and I wanted to look cool, just like him,” Chui says of the famous Hong Kong actor.

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